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This can be useful to many people, as I found myself buying items in the store which ended up being very disappointing, and since they are not returnable, it is good to have some feedback before taking a decision for which there is no turning back.

The worst item I bought in the store is the "Queen Eloise Bust". It is really small, it is hard to understand what the model is trying to depict, and in my opinion it is difficult to make it combine with other deco items. I don't mean to sound rude, but honestly I think this item is kind of a scam.

I was also a bit disappointed by the Curly Hortensis Lamp, it is smaller than what it appears to be in the store. I don't think it is an item worth 120TC.

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This is obviously a matter of taste and i'm sure that there are ways to fit most store items into different houses across Tibia :)

But do you want to know what frustrate me the most? When theres an item that you think looks good so you end up buying it and then when you unwrap it in-game it turns out that it wasn't as amazing as you thought!

Take the magnificent trunk for example, yes indeed it looks pretty magnificent as you can see in picture (1) But then hey.. see what happens when you want to place an item ontop of it in picture (2)? It doesn't match at all! So the only way to make it look somewhat better is to rotate it as shown in picture (3), then it looks somewhat okay in picture (4), even though its facing backwards! 

So yeah... the items like these are the worst to me atleast.. the ones you think looks amazing but end up letting you down/regretting buying them.

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haha yes, it's annoying :?
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Totally know what you mean, I have the magnificent set as well. I haven't found anything that suits on top of the trunk. Your idea about rotating it is very good. It would be nice to use it in all its magnificence though. Such a pity.
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Super annoying! @Tynussiaa
Thank you, yeah I agree completely @Violetissime
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I was also disappointed by few items..All items on my list are really small and almost invisible in my house.

Forget-Me-Not 50 Tc


Red Geranium 50 Tc

Festive Filled Shoes 50 Tc

Screenshot from Tibia contest - you can see better Festive Filled Shoes

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I actually like the Red Geranium, they fit well on a magnificent table for example. Are they worth 50tc though? Nah probably not. My biggest gripe with them is how you can't walk over them which makes little sense.
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I found the shoes next to the bed at the bottom of the image! It looks like you can rotate them?
Beautiful decoration, congratz!!! Looks amazing!
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Indeed it is funny you cannot walk over that item.
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I hate small blossoms like :

Gloomy poisonous fungi

Red Geranium


Also some carpets :

Bamboo mat

Wheat carpet       

Crested carpet     

Decorated carpet 

Others :

Sulphur Blossom Lamp 

Festive Filled Shoes 

All these items are terrible and in my opinion are not suitable for decoration.

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The crested and decorated carpets can look good I think. I will try to show you a screenshot of how we used them in our GH to see your opinion.
Is the sulphur blossom lamp bad? I was thinking about buying it, but maybe I will not then.
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The sulphur blossom lamp is nice but is really small item and cost 80tc. In my opinion this is the problem. This lamp will not change much your decorations..
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@Violetissime I will wait for screen then :)  sulphur blossom lamp its small i think, in my opinion it will be better a curly hortensis lamp or Little Big Flower Lamp i think, are a little bigger :)
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 Rustic Furniture

 Light Parquet

I dont need say nothing more, is just ugly.

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really? i love this
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I think they can look good in the right setup because they are very neutral. But, maybe as they look so common, they might not look as store items.
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If you put 10 apples under table it can looks really nice in my opinion.
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Umm... I don't like many items because colors are ugly, too small, don't match with nothing...but the worse is:

  • Verdant Set 
  • Skeletal Set 
  • Small flowers (beautiful, but too small) 
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I think I agree with the skeletal set because it looks too cartoony. And those flowers are indeed small, they look like some random deco you could pick in Edron or any other city. I don't know how they could put those flowers in store.
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the verdant set seem to be at the bottom when you sort by most popular. I do agree they look kinda ugly but the skeletal set seems ok to me.
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For me some small items that you can hardly see and others that has not function (in my opinion)

    Red geranium

    Forget-Me-Not, the name itself is saying to forget

     Daily Reward Shrine

     Baby Rotworm, why have this at home?

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Daily Reward Shrine is something useful at GH. It's nice to have it in your house when you want to quickly get rewards and put your character to train.
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Indeed, the daily reward shrine is useful. I get that you prefer the golden version? ;)