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Is it possible to put items on items bought from store? (pink roses etc) If yes,  then how?
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Yes it is possible, you simply need to use a container (such as a backpack) and put all the items you want to stack on the top of the store furniture, then place the store furniture over the backpack and now all you need to do is using browse field, open the backpack and select the item you want to place on the top and use the option "Move up".

This question have been asked before and you can see over here another method to do it using containers you can destroy with melee weapons: 


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try unwrapping the two items on the same square (the store item and a regular container item from the ingame store, like a locker)  put the item you want on top inside the locker and then destroy it
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Move up only seems to work with items that already allow placing something on top
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There is no possibility to "Move up" items from container using the browse field option. If the furniture will help you, it were pink roses.
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