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Hola, How can I put spider toy (for example) on the furnite from the store (red roses)? I saw some people doing that in their houses but i can't find any way to do that...

On Antica - Edron house we can see that somehow this guy put items on the roses, but when i tried it i couldn't do that. There is no stairs/holes to go up or down ;/

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I would like to know why someone unvoted my question?  I don't think that there is something wrong with it, and I posted it weeks ago.

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Okay I finally found out how to do it!

Unwrap item   ( I used red roses as example )

Stay inside the spot and unwrap inside the Venorean Wardrobe .  After that you can put inside anything you want to see on the roses ( I used Small Ladybug )

When you are done use any meele weapon (Magic Sword ) to destroy .  

Take the trash out and it's done!


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Niceeee! I Guess It works for any "wrappable" furniture that can contain items
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I think you are right, but I tried only on with this one :)
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How can I put dead human on top of furniture from the Store?
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If It doesnt allow u to stack and you own a House with several floors, you can always try to unwrap the flowers 1 sqm south of the stairs hole and then "rope" the Spider; same way about unwrappping downstairs and throwing the Spider to the hole
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Bcs, i can't put a screenshot in comment i edited my question, please look at it.