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I'm looking for a list of items that you can buy in the store with tibia coins in which you can walk on or put items on top of. These should be decorative and furniture items for your house. I dislike when you can't walk over or put items on decor! It's annoying because when I walk in my house I want to walk easily and also put items on top of others without doing the box trick as shown in the link below:


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Walkable and stackable:

The incomprehensible riches
All the cushions
All the chairs and tables
and ofc all the carpets.

You can put things on top but not walk on top of them:
The stuffed Teddy, Baby Unicorn, Baby Rotworm, (not sure about the baby polar bear and the rest of the animals)
The Terrariums, Fish Tank.

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You can actually place items on top of any item by

1. Placing the items you would like in a breakable container

2. Placing that container under the item you want them on top of

3. Browse field and break the container with a weapon on the ground.

4. Enjoy your item stack!