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Talking about the knight vocation, which items are useful to mitigate the effects of mana drain? Some creatures like the Dwarf Geomancer can be pretty nasty to kill due to this damage, and I want to know what resources I have as a knight...

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These are the items you can use to protect yourself against mana drain as a knight :)

Helmet: Porcelain Mask, Arm 1, Mana Drain Resist +10%

Necklace: Bronze Amulet, Mana Drain Resist +20% (200 charges)

Arrow Slot: Gleaming Starlight Vial, Mana Drain Resist +5%

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Important note: This would not give you 35% protection, but rather ~32%. This can be verified using TibiaWiki's calculator (https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Calculators). In addition to that, it's also worth mentioning that these are all the equipment available with mana protection for knights. None of them have a level restriction, so the answer is valid for any level rage, at least as of the Summer Update 2019.
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Awesome answer! And thanks for the heads up, Lee kun! My question was changed in order to reflect this fact brought up!