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There are so many beautiful houses in the game. I wonder what house you consider to be the best and why?

Mine would be the Low Waters Observatory. It is such a big house, so many rooms. Just gorgeous. I had it for some time, there is just so much room for decoration! (NOTE: I even made it open for everyone to see and use, but someone filled it with furniture boxes to try to steal my store items that I made available for public use - that did not work).

So, what is your favourite Tibian house and why?

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Yes, I know. It was a social experiment you could say. Now I only let trusted people in. :)
I don't have any screenshot at hand, they are in my other computer which is broken, unfortunately. But the Low Waters Observatory was indeed a very nice house to have. The only downside is that it is somewhat remote, but if you don't mind that, I would say it is like a palace.
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Yes you are right, it is a palace.  Once i saw the decoration of this house on instagram, but I don't remember who it was.
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In my opinion you should improve your question because of up coming rules. I suggest to use "is the best" than "your favorite".

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I love Greenshore Village, Villa. Is amazing house with cute yellow floor and beautiful garden. I wish I can be owner of this house one time.

Greenshore Village, Villa (ground) Greenshore Village, Villa (second)

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Harbour Place 1 (Shop) on Thais (In front of Depot).

I love Thais, love shops and this have the best place just to this little house.

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haha so nostalgic! dream every old players.
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There are so many gorgeous houses in Tibia, like the Greenshore and Fibula Villa, Nautic Observer and so many many more!

I started playing Tibia 2007 and ever since my dream house was and has been Harbour Place 1 (Shop) in Thais. It's not a large house, but thats kinda the charm of it. I managed to buy this house from the player on my server back in 2017~. He was pretty inactive so when I finally caught him online I shoot him a message and I ended up buying the house from him for 20kk. This was alot of gold for me back then. I then lived in my house for a little more than a year, then the news came about my server (Fidera) merging with two other servers in early 2018. When the three servers finally merged into the current server (Gladera) I ended up auto-winning it by paying 100kk!

As of today, this is still my home! Even though its more like everyones home as I have opened up my house for the entire server. Players walk into my home to buy Potions & Runes from my NPC 'Bob', they train on the dummies and imbue their equipment with the imbuement shrine! I occasionally get compliments for having my home open for the world, which is always nice to hear :)

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I very liked Edron house like : 

Central Circle 1 (73sqm) 

•Ground floor: a bigger room with 2 smaller ones containing one bed each.

•Upper floor: A roof with grass on it. 

Wood Avenue 7 (148sqm) There is a garden on the ground floor, and i like it so much. And people can see them :)

Liberty Bay:

Ivory Circle 2 (126sqm)

It's one from my fave houses, i liked a Liberty Bay, its very big and have a white floor laugh


Lucky Lane 1 (Shop)  (148sqm) 
I liked them because i can give there a Leaves from coryms wink

I liked also Low Waters Observatory, its one form biggest houses.

Houses from Isavi also was great! I like tham all !:)

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My fav house is Luminous Arc 1, Yalahar. This house have "all" what i need - beautiful balcony, a lot of sqms, only two beds (I think a lot of beds in the house only waste space) in invisible rooms. I even like this shape, is quite equal. I love deco my girl Norelli from Antica in this house, I always admire him.

Second is Fortune Wing 2, Yalahar. I like the appearance of this house, but unfortunately a large part of it isn't visible. It's a pity, I think it's a bit nicer than my Fortune Wing 4 (even in terms of beds because my house have 4, fortune wing 2 only 2 and is one sqm bigger than mine).

Thirs place for Northern Street 5, Carlin - it's small house only 47sqm, because one of my faves in facc cities. 

As for the cities in which I like houses visually: Darashia, Venore (but i don't like this basements), Carlin, Yalahar, Edron, some on Liberty Bay and Svargrond. I don't like Ankrahmun, Port Hope and Issavi not much too.

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That's my favorite house because all sqms are visible to the players that pass around the house, moreover, the wooden walls in the snow give an additional charm to the house.

Raven Corner 2
This house has three beds.

The house has a size of 33 square meters. The monthly rent is 150k gold and will be debited to the bank account on Celebra.


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My favourite house is Wallside Residence in Rathleton :) I "fell in love" with this house since I saw it on the test server with new island - Oramond. I've got this house no matter on which server I play atm.

Why this house? I like steampunk style of Rathleton and this dark blue colour, so I can say that almost every house there is nice, but this one is special. There's no permanent carpets, which I don't like, Beds are located in quite nice way, and finally almost every SQM in this house is visible for players outside. It has also nice room on level 0, while most of houses in Rathleton has rooms only on level +1 to +3. I've got Rustheap Golems outside the window! :D