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With all the different styles of houses and layouts. What house(s) have the best layout for decorating? Please note, this doesn't need to be visible from outside the house.

I have had many different houses in different cities. I always get frustrated with the house that has weird walls and not able to place anything on them.

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Well I love houses with white floors like Darashia or Liberty Bay houses, cause white matches with everything, and if you're really commited you can drag cool stuff that respawn in the map to deco (at least in Dara).

But the city I like the most is Venore, these are my favorites cause wall lamps are subtle and small, the creamy smooth looking walls are awesome and matches with a lot of things, they look classy and they have so much potential. The floor on these houses is exquisite since its different from any other town and has so many ways to make it look good if you don't have the money to cover it with expensive carpets.

Plus, the basements of the houses are really cool, and give the houses some privacy and a lot of room to make a really cool dungeon deco, or RPG deco, since venore has some of the best respawned items you can drag to your house.

But at the end it doesn't matter where your house is but how creative you are and the items you use, here's a sample of my favorite house nowadays, located in Thais: