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In Tibia there's so many guildhalls and houses to pick from. Each one can be different from each other in various ways like size, amount of beds, amount of windows, etc. However, I'm looking for what a guildhall or house has that no other has. This could be a simple decoration that comes with house, a pool for example, etc.

For example, I know the Ivory Mansion in Liberty Bay has a beautiful arch which isn't seen in my knowledge in any other house:

Can you name some other unique guildhalls and houses and why their different?

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I think there is coffin in Carlin Caretaker's Residence. :D

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I will start with my own house in Liberty Bay which you already mentioned by screen

  • Ivory Mansion in Liberty Bay -  archway and very big garden with pz. You are not able to throw anythin into the water.

  • Lonely Sea Side Hostel in Carlin - own  beach

  • Pirate Shipwreck 1 and 2 in Darashia - come on it's a house made on the boat!

  • Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell in Gray Beach - the biggest, unique house in Tibia - movie

  • Bronze Brothers Bastion guildhouse in Rathleton - with own swimming pool

  • Mammoth House in Svargrond - Unique look! It;s made from ice.

  • Lost Cavern in Kazordoon - the only house with Ore Wagons. Look at this entrance

  • Hare's Den in Outlaw Camp 

  • Fibula Village, Bar in Fibula - looks amazing

  • Meriana Beach in Lberty Bay

  • The Treehouse, guildhouse in Port hope - made in tree!

Mentioned by LillyFoxx:)

Halls of Serenity guildhouse in Yalahar- with own swimming pool

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Great answers. I didnt even know some of these houses existed. Thanks for the sneak peeks
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Hare's Den has a unique demonbunny statue xD
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I heard that this bunny in house market is wrong...
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I know few unique houses that weren't mentioned before:

Low Waters Observator (own aquarium with a shark inside)

Eastern House of Tranquility (tree inisde house)

The Lair (lava inside house)

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Please, person who downvoted her answer, tell us what is wrong with it? :P Be brave!
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I upvoted just now not sure why they downvoted it's a great answer
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Some great answers... I didnt even know some of these houses existed. Well done
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As an inhabitant of the icy lands of Svargrond I have to mention the Lakeside Mansion, this home has its own boat deck as you can see following:

in kazordoon we have the  Forge Master's Quarter a very big and unique house with a Forge in the middle of it.