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In every underwater region of Tibia we need a diving helmet, in calassa or other underwater places (way to inq boss) but in the headquarters of deepling we can walk without this helmet without drowning despite the fact that we are underwater. Someone knows why?

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Interesting question!

The NPC Spectulus in the Liquid Black Quest has this to say:

Spectulus: I will put this under your footgear. Here you go. And this in your nose. There. And there will be no further problems for you down there. Except- ah, well you'll find out yourself soon enough, won't you?

So by the looks of it, Spectulus seems to give you some kind of 'underwater' equipment that allows you to walk and breathe easily underwater :)

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Hm, I still wonder why can't we use this Spectulus gimmick around as well in Calassa after we talk to him this dialogue... Maybe the water in Quirefang is different :P