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It's not known there is a cap for how long the effect can lasts. Rumors are the cap is 15 minutes (1000 damage in total). But it needs to be checked.


Tibia Fandom is not providing me the information on the cap of the Soulfire rune has anyone tested it out yet?

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I experimented a little with my mage to see if the information on TibiaWiki is correct.
According to TibiaWiki the amount of ticks that a soulfire rune should do is your level + magic level / 3
In my case this should be 464 + 118 (582) / 3 = 194 ticks from the soulfire rune, every tick is 10 damage, so that should be 1940 damage according to Wiki, however this was the result from the first test I did:

As you can see, I did only a total of 62 ticks (620 Damage) from the soulfire rune, not 1940.

I did another test, with +6 extra magic levels:

With 6 extra magic levels I managed to get in another 10 ticks, (+100 damage) for a total damage of 720.

I know that this will not answer your exact question of what the cap for a soulfire rune is, but this should show that the information that Wiki provided is not entirelly true. Magic level does indeed boost the amount of damage you deal by alot, but I could only reach 11 minutes with my second test, perhaps someone with much higher magic level could try reach 15 minutes and see if it stops there or not.

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Where did you do your test if you don't mind me asking maybe I can try to test it out too? Thank you for actually trying to find a "cap" if that cap even exists.
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I wanted to try it on something with a ton of health, so I went to issavi and shot at a biting book (6500hp). They are neutral to fire aswell. You can find them in Issavi here: https://tibiamaps.io/map#33865,31502,7:2
But be careful, they can hit hard
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thanks im not really familiar with issavi so ill read into it then try it later tonight
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It all depends on magic level.

Mage soulfire is longer than knight or paladin.

Also I don’t think so there might be somewhere calc about time duration per magic level.
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hmm I wonder if there's a cap to it like when does it exactly end?
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You don't seem to mention whether there's a cap on how long it lasts (eg. no more than 15 minutes). Also, could you let us know where did you get the information about sorc/druid soulfire lasting longer than knight's or paladin's? This seems new to me.
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by playing all vocations on pvp server maybe