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There on Dawnport island, if I want to stay for a while with the objective to train Magic level, which one of the free rune spells that we can get there are the best choices to go for? Remember that we can take runes with us after we leave Dawnport with the exception of the Light Stone Shower and Lightest Missile runes.

Cure Poison Rune 65 gp
Destroy Field Rune 15 gp
Energy Field Rune 38 gp
Fire Field Rune 28 gp
Intense Healing Rune 95 gp
Poison Field Rune 21 gp

Information retrieved from: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Hamish

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information retrieved from *
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Thanks! I've made the correction.
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Also, to fabricate something is a kind process, usually in the world of Tibia we make runes.
Thus, rune making, this can be seen on some magic shop and spell teachers or on the Edron Academy books.
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As we can see, both of them share a synonym relation (etymology box on the right on each page also mentions make and fabricate sharing proportional significance)

I know the intricacies of the word fabricate, but it is not far-fetched to use it on this context.

However, I guess that using "make" instead of "fabricate" can be a better idea in order to  index the topic on internet search engines. Due to this reason I will switch the word on the title.

Thanks for the advice.

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I think the best choice is Intense Healing Rune because on low level can be used to heal you without problems, so if you bring some with you and "free" (Making by you) can helo you to level up at the start on mainland.

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Although you may stay in Dawnport up to level 20, I strongly recommend to go to main ASAP.
If your sole purpose is to train ML in a safe environment while making profit, clearly MAIN is your to-go place.
You can activate the Daily bonus and recover twice as much mana, soul and stamina inside some protection zones.
You can readly sell the items on the market.
You can stash more than 1k gold.
You're not constrained by your capacity.
You can train offline and get even more Magic Level while not being online.

There is, literally, no reason to stay in Dawnport, there may be some benefit of staying in Rookgaard though.

Bear in mind that some 'things' can't go through the boat from Dawnport to Main.
Please, before attempting such a feat, read further on the restrictions of 'things' while on the boat to Main.
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"Actually there is an advantage if you stay there to train ML. Mana potions will not go with you when you leave the island. If you somehow amassed a good amount of potions from makers/noob characters, you can use these potions to train ML for free. Any potion obtained on Dawnport will vanish as soon as you pass through the vocation door."

I've never said it's advantageous to stay in Dawnport, in fact I said the opposite.
Nontheless, creating accounts to get potions requires far more effort than just sitting at the depot.
I'd stick to getting to main asap and just afking on the DP.
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And where I wrote or implied that you meant anything besides what you just said? My sentence was specially directed to give information about an advantage situation related on the topic, something that you opposes, so I made a comment to explain on why someone would stay there.

I don't see this as something that absurd at all. Magic level can raise pretty fast on some special Tibia events, so it helps at least a little to train for a while if you got surplus potions. Many new players will not notice on how every potion will disappear once opening the vocation door.

I also remembered now that if you are Free Account and want to train skill (specially distance), you can go to the Troll boss located on Dawnport, which is another interesting reason to stay there.
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