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Hi! I want to know which is the best way on time/money for training magic level during the double exp weekends.

For example I have 100kk and I want to get the best magic level bost on the weekend , should I use strong mana potion? training wands?

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The following calculation is based on approximate values and are not expected to provide a 100% accurate result.
It's meant to provide with an educated estimation of a possible scenario.

500 charges of an exercise weapon takes 16 minutes and 30 seconds to use.

A day has 24 hours or, 1440 minutes. (24 * 60)
Within a day, it's possible to use 87.27 weapons. (1440 / 16.5)
A whole day training would cost 22.83kk. (262.500 * 87 )

You have a total of 72 hours, friday, saturday and sunday. which would use up around 65kk to train NON STOP.

One rod/wand is equivalent to using 305k mana or 610 UMPs, using 261 wands is the same as using nearly 160k ultimate mana potions or using 80kk mana (using the utana vid spell 180920 times),

Considering the global cooldown of 1 second, this is, around 3015 minutes or 50 hours or drinking ultimate mana potions and using the invisible spell.

Anyway, TL:DR.

With 100kk buy UMPs and training weapons and be patient.
Use the UMPs to make runes and use the training weapons while recovering soul on the protected zone.
Always use the training weapons with the 10% dummies inside houses or guild halls.


Tibia is, and has always been a game where the most patient wins.
Although in recent years a lot has changed and it is now possible to have a hefty boost using money, it all comes down to play time.
Be patient, keep playing and eventually you'll get stronger.
Spend your money consciously, always trying to have fun and enjoy the game yourself, sadly, trying to become the best in Tibia is, in my opinion, useless, as there's always someone willing to spend more money and time than you.
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I would say that training rods/wands will definitely be the best, regarding simplicity. I cannot stand using potions several times in front of my PC and spamming spells near Thais depot... Of course, you can merge both styles and manage your time appropriately (for example, try to spend 60% of this money with training gear and use the rest with potions, where you can burn these purple liquids on rune making, expensive hunts or even sitting back near your house and casting invisible to your character).

I would say that the practical value of such training gear is way more decent. We can use the time of our life on other activities. There is no need to kill your weekend smashing the mana potion button.

Of course, if you don't care about using spells, go ahead with potions. They will be reasonably more cheaper, but it will be much harder and tiresome your magic level training.

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We have two very effective ways to train magic levels:

1) by using the strongest possible mana potions and spam the most mana-demanding spells

2) by using training Wands/Rods

  The answer on Your question may differ depending on what You want to achieve and how much gold You have.

  If You have 100kk for training, wands and rods will be the best option, because it's not possible to use so many potions in such because of short time. We can consider that thanks to double skills You gain free 210k every single weapon usage.

  If You would have 10kk for example, the best way to maximize Your benefit is using the cheapest mana potions which You will be able to spam-out (all bought for 10kk) in the double weekend.

  So training weapons are best option for players with a very high budget. For the rest better option would be spells training, because rods/wands have lower gold/mlvl ratio than potions.

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1.- You need stay infront of pc.

2.- It takes more time.

3.- Is more rentable (The cost is less)

4.- Can go to make runes in area la Cyclops (Bestiary) to get soul and make runes.

Training Rod
1.- It save you time, because is more faster.

2.- You can do it and check Facebook o see movies.