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We usually think about Magic Level, Distance, Club/Axe/Sword and Shielding skills during such events. But what about Fishing and Fist Fighting skills? Do they also develop faster during these events?

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Found an official response by Mirade:

....Fist fighting: Yes, included in double skill. Fishing: No, not included in double skill.


I cannot find any arguments of this being changed so I believe it's still correct.

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Yes, all skills develops faster during double events. Including fist and fishing.
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I saw in news " and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast." but im not sure that fist and fishing are included since they say training , and if you look for training there is no include fist or fishing , how can you prove your answer?
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You don’t need a training statue to train fishing or fist just like all the other skills but magic level you need to use a training statue or cast magic.
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If you think, on ''Double Skill Weekend'' you can go a train others skills like Sword Fighting/Shielding with a creature like Slime Slime (Old times) and this method is the same you can use in Fishing Skill and Fist Fighting and it works to it.

I mean not only using Exercise Weapons or Off-line Training works as double during event, regular training works too and with regular training you can skill your Fishing Skill and Fist Fighting.

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Sure that increase faster, double skill event contemplate every skill type.
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Yes, definetly, they are skills as the other ones, so ALL skills have double increase, I usualy like to train fishing on those events, also sometimes I train sword/club/axe on my druid. Recomended to train fishing if you find all hunting spots full of people, and you are bored doing nothing waiting for respawn, or simply just hardcore train your fishing till you reach the highscores... good luck
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nice idea!
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