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I noticed in the event schedule it doesn't have rapid respawn or xp/skill events planned out for the whole year. Do you know how often they update the event schedule to reflect this information? Just wondering how far out in advance we typically know about xp/skill or rapid respawn or possibly other events too.

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every monthly weekend event shows up right after the last one ends, so u can't predict more than the next one by schedule,

but mostly they alternate between exp/skills and faster respawn per month, that means if this month was xp/skill next one will be rapid respawn in most of the cases (unless they implement a new event in the monthly rotation or a very special event change the schedule which is announced in the news).
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I agree with Anubora, the exp/skill weekends and rapid alternate every month. What is also worth noticing that so far this pattern continues and involves always the first weekend of the month.

For example, this February we have a rapid exp weekend on the 7th-9th. (Even though Saturday and Sunday are the 1st and the 2nd the double/rapid is also counted from Friday, which is the 31th Jan).