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I want to train my magic level but without spending a tons of kk's buying exercise wand/rods , but whats the best way to do this? I mean for example buying mana potions , or just using food , and in each way whats the aprox % you can get in that method in a single day?

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The way that you will waste less is going on hunts.

If you're a druid find a team or ek to hunt. You'll spend a lot of mana with sio / spells. If you are a sorcerer go to hunts and use as much spells as you can. Ue, energy beam, energy wave, heal yourself with exura vita only.

If you want to maximize the training use the profit from the hunts to buy training weapons.

The % you can get in a single day depends a lot on your level, hunts and time available to spend hunting. But is is no where close to using training weapons.
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It all depends on how high the magic level we are talking about. I used to collect Great Mana Potions from hunts and use it during double exp/skill weekend if I have no better option to waste my time, but to be honest for over half year I haven't done it, since the progress on my 118 mlvl is unnoticable. With exercise rods I make 1% in 20-25 minutes, so making it by using potions would take about 1 hr! So, if you think about higher magic level ... well, unfortunately you have to invest. But if we're talking about smaller magic level, like 80 great option and much cheaper is to use GMPs!

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The best way (Cheaper but slow) to know it, is calculated how much you waste go get by example 100 Mana Points.

Money Spent per Mana Point (Table):

Money Spent per Mana Point

So, the table show Pair of Soft Boots Pair of Soft Boots, Life Ring Life Ring and Mana Potion Mana Potion as the best option. Also remember eat your Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom.

Use all this items to gain Mana and waste it using (If you have Soul Points make some runes) spells like Invisible Utana Vid.

The % can vary depend on your current skill.

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First of all, the percentage that you will make depends on your actual magic level and vocation.

The best way to improve your magic level is using potions and spells simultaneously. According to Burchan exercise rod/wand own the same effect that 610 ultimate mana potions (610x438gp= 267.180gp). SO to worth training with potions u should use great mana potions or less (I recommend to use strong).

Also you can use soft boots and life rings/rings of healing to help increase your mana.