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The bronze trophy from the hunting tasks are writable so I can only assume the others are aswell. They cost a certain amount of points if you'd like to purchase one.

 Bronze Hunter Trophy - 3000 Hunting Task Points

 Silver Hunter Trophy - 15.000 Hunting Task Points

 Gold Hunter Trophy - 80.000 Hunting Task Points

These also somewhat count as a TibiaStore item (When you wrap it it'll go to your store inbox), which also means that if you put them in your house no other player can pick them up/steal them.

Now to my point, I know that you can write on them, but are they re-writeable? If they are not then what happens when you wrap it back to your store inbox? Do they save whatever text you typed on it for when you unwrap it again?

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great question - i dont have any trophies yet so i cannot answer. im sure no1 can speak for all the trophies yet so im curious to see the results of this question. i heard you cant even hang the trophies up.
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I edited my question about the trophies, im certain the other trophies are writable aswell, would be pretty weird if only the bronze one were, but like you said we can't know for sure until we see it or get an answer.
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I recognize this picture with those "aaaaaaa"

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I hope you understand that I did a lot of research digging through the forums trying to find your answer. I think because of a lot of us not having enough hunting task points to buy all the trophies we can't answer this question until months from now. I personally have 15,000 points and I'm trying to save them up for the outfit or mount first. I had to answer this question on the official forums and here's the response:

You can buy all items multiple times, except the mount and outfit of course. Once the unwrapped item is engraved, the text can no longer be changed. If you wrap and unwrap the item again however, the text is gone and you can enter new text (the description of the wrapped item always stays the same).

Response from Skerio: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&threadid=4758076

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Thats what I thought, thank you for verifying this, goodjob!
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Thank you - you made a very good question I'm sure stumped everyone lol
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It's great that you came up with this one. I've been saving my points for the mount and now I don't have to test it myself. Thanks!