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What are the best achievements in your opinion? Tell me top 5 or more if you want :

In my opinion : 

I need a Hug



Long Live the Queen

They have the best descriptions and some of them are hard to do.

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Absolutely "AnnihilatorAchievement.gifAchievement.gif

As a old player The Annihilator Quest will always be the 'coolest' quest since it was the hardest one to be achieved. Shooting burst arrows and using UHs to heal haha

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haha i remember that days when all people want to get the quest because was the best one !
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Top 3 what I have

* Heartbreaker devil

* Wild Warrior

* Nothing Can't Stop Me

Top 3 what I need

* Cold as Ice

* Fall of the Fallen

* Starless Night

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Everyone wants the starless night achievement but nobody gets =/
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I got this one :D and i have a full in bestiary :P
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What??? :’(
Never saw a midnight panther alive
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My top 5 achievments are:

Alumni My dream was always to loot ferumbras hat Ferumbras' Hat and wear it obrazek.

Forbidden Fruit imageI am really lazy person and this achievement was rlly easy xD

Bibliomaniac because you can get it by tame my faourite mount Flying Book

Lucky Devil 

Green Thumb I love flowers ;3

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Yea You have right! Forbidden Fruit maybe its easy but its a hard to loot them.
Flying book i also liked :D
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My top is:

  • Alumni
  • Umbral Master
  • True Lightbearer
  • Plant vs Minos
  • Deep Sea Diver
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Deep sea driver its hard to make. I want  to know how many hours i need to do it hmmm i have a 500+ ed
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My top 5 achievement:

Lord Protector

Prison Break

Umbral Master

Heartbreaker and

Forbidden Fruit
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Umbral masters it one from most expensive that i wan't, i tryied to make a some umbrals but i have only 3 items, i lost almost 10k clusters...
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Backpack Tourist  this because i see the orc myself and feel good when i get the achivement

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oh i need this too, but on Antica backpack costs 8kk and armor 4kk :D
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u can get easily with a character low level and well so many lucky.. to find hah but no is imposible
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I met this orc twice. I swapped one backpack for an armor and gave the other one to my friend for achievement.
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Free Items I love this one because its funny name.

His true face And this one is so cool because its a very strange and hard achievement.

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Yea His true face i try to make this one.
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Widelly Travelled   

It's the achievement you get for the discoverer outfit! When this was first released I was hooked on finding those pink circles all across Tibia, I felt like a hobbit going on an adventure! It didn't take long though til I realized that we can't even get the full outfit yet! (ARGH)
You need to unlock 10 areas for the basic outfit, 15 areas for addon 1 & 20 areas for addon 2. As of today, theres only 19 areas in Tibia!

So im hoping this winter update for the last area to finally unlock this stunnig outfit!

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I also hope. As for discovering it is a very good idea, it is a pity that I have nothing to discover at the moment. They should definitely add more areas to explore!!
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For sure! I kinda lost motivation a tiny bit after I noticed you can't even get the last addon yet. But I should start working on it and finish all 19 areas so i'm ready when the 20th area is released ^^