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There is a way to move un-pickupable items from Ankrahmun, Darashia & Port Hope to the mainland. One of those unique items is the Ball on Chains that you can get from Asura Palace!  You have to unlock the teleport in Explorer Society so that you can use the teleport to get the item from Port Hope to Northport (Carlin). Then you just move the item as seen in the picture below!

So my question is:
Is there any other unique un-pickupable items/furniture that you can get from Ankrahmun / Darashia / Port hope that you can't find on the mainland already?

Im looking to improve my decoration and would really love to know!

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You can find small golden taboret Small Golden Taboret in Asura Palace (left corner on +1 floor). Remember to take it before monsters destroy it.

I also found an ornamented stone table Ornamented Stone Table located on Drefia (-3 floor).

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I think on your server is poor version of Rafzan's room. This room  can change if people will make tasks from Npc Rafzan. If you have character on Antica you can login and see "rich version of his room". Flowers next to the cups are avilable in task "Collect" from Npc Chartan. You can make this task per 20h.
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cute! thanks for the info, found it
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Forgot about this beauties from Yasir. You can find it on -1 ship when Yasir on Ankrahmun  

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That is true! However Yasir also appear in Carlin, also you can get those items from outlaw camp so I don't really classify them as unique items from ankh/dara/port hope. Thank you though :)