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I was wondering which are the unique items I can get from each furniture NPC from each city in tibia? For example only Yalahar NPC sells crystal tables (as far as I know).


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It was possible to elaborate this list (considering only npcs merchants that accept gold and that are permanent):

Thais: Npc Gamon

  Piece of Royal Satin

Yalahar: Npc Dorbin

 Silky Tapestry  

  Crystal Table

Svargrond: Npc Janz

 Small Ice Statue (Fish)  

 Small Ice Statue (Bird)

Port Hope: Npc Zaidal

 Tusk Table

 Tusk Chair

 Thick Trunk

 Small Trunk

 Stone Table (Carved)

 Ivory Chair

 Bamboo Table

 Bamboo Drawer

Banuta: Npc Hairycles

 Monkey Statue (No Hearing)  

 Monkey Statue (No Seeing)    

 Monkey Statue (No Speaking)


These aren't really furniture merchants, but they sell special and exclusive items.

Farmine: Npc Cael


 War Drum

 Dragon Statue

 Dragon Throne

Meriana: Npc Dunkan

 Pirate Tapestry

Farmine: Npc Pompan

 Dragon Tapestry

 Dragon backpack

 Minotaur Backpack

Bounac: NPC John The Carpenter, Folded Artefacts Carpets: 

- Folded Artefact Carpet I            

- Folded Artefact Carpet II

- Folded Artefact Carpet III         

- Folded Artefact Carpet IV         

- Folded Artefact Carpet V          

- Folded Artefact Carpet VI

Isle of Destiny: Npc Raffael

 Oracle Figurine

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A lot of house decorations include items like Areca Palms, Flower Pots, Leaves - in general: items, which we can find in a specific city, and which are not widely available. Maybe it's worth adding it since part of them are really popular among players! :)
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Your comment is very relevant. <3 These non-marketable items are my favorite hunts! That's a great idea for a next question, what do you think? :)