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Hello Dear Tibians!

Opening Gooey Mass is the way to obtain a Four-Leaf Clover Four-Leaf Clover, item used to tame a Lady Bug, but what are other items we can get from it?

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From Gooey Mass you can get: 

  10x Larvae - around 21% chance 

2x Platinum coin - around 20% chance

2x Black Pearl - around  16% chance

Orichalcum Pearl - Around 18% chance

2x Great Mana Potion - around 10% chance

2x Health Mana Potion - around 10% chance

Gold Ingot - around 3%

Hive Scythe - less than 1%

Four-Leaf clover - less than 1%

Please focus on that I made my own statistics by opening 700 Gooey Masses.

Ps. Honestly if you just want to get  Ladybug then it's better to sell Gooey Masses and buy for this money

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Nice! Omg have u opened 700?  Wow
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Yes, it took me 3 months to collect more than 700 eggs but I opened few before so I didn't count them. I looted it on rapid respawn with Loot Prey on Hive Overseer :D But also I was doing tasks
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Took me 100 gooeys to get 1 four leaf clover. But I tried again and it took me 300 gooeys to get 1 four leaf clover. :( Sorry about your experience.
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It's okay after all it depends of the luck. And even in game as in real life I am very unlucky person XD I need to deal with it haha :D
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Hey, here are some more statistics taken from: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Gooey_Mass/Statistics.

As Aneg says: looting the Four-Leaf Clover is really much less than 1%. Other items aren't really that valuable.

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Weird there is no Orichalcum Pear ;o Also chance for the Scythe is bigger than for the clover.