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Mysterious RemainsMysterious remains is a loot dropped by some creatures. If you use it you can actually get some items. I was wondering if anyone has any statistics on the chance of getting each item from the Mysterious remains. I'm trying to see if one item is harder to get than another. I can't find these statistics anywhere all it does is tell me I can get one of the items they list but they don't provide me the chance or percentage.

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I can't find statistics on it also. However there are several videos of people opening 100 of them on youtube.

The statistics from Osfurg video and Maxigashi video is:

  • 4,71% Piggy bank  
  • 9,42% Yellow gem 
  • 5,75% Bag of Apple Slices
  • 6,28% Tusks 
  • 5,75% Iron Ore 
  • 3,66% Spider Silk 
  • 7,85% Red Dragon Scale 
  • 3,66% Stealth Ring 
  • 3,66% Rift Carpet 
  • 3,66% Void Carpet 
  • 9,94% War Horn 
  • 7,85% Scarf 
  • 3,66% Gold Ingot 
  • 3,66% Shaggy Ogre Bag 
  • 2,09% Magic Light Wand 
  • 3,66% Surprise bag (blue) 
  • 4,18% Rift Tapestry 
  • 6,80% Gnomish Supply Package 
  • 3,14% Garlic necklace 
  • 2,09% Violet Gem 

There is also this video from Bubba but it's too messy to count.

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Not to be a nit picker but you have a 'Red Dragon Scale' image for the Red Dragon Leather.

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I've corrected it. Thanks