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I want to know what you can get from a large seashell and what are the odds of getting these items if any. Thank you.

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You can open Large Seashell (Closed) Large Seashell (Closed) every 20 hours with a chance to:

  • find a Giant Shimmering Pearl Giant Shimmering Pearl
  • find nothing
  • squeeze your fingers resulting in a loss of 200 hp (equipment will lower the damage)

After opening it, it will turn into a Large Seashell (Open) Large Seashell (Open).

Opening Large Seashell (Closed), 591 trials:

ItemAmountPercentageTries to get 1
Nothing is inside20935.36%3
You found a beautiful pearl (brown)17830.12%4
You found a beautiful pearl (blue)10818.27%6
Ouch! You squeezed your fingers9616.24%7

Finding 100 pearls in a Large Seashell results in the achievement "Shell Seeker".




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Thanks didn't see the statistics section on wiki earlier so Im happy you found it for me. <3 Thanks for prompt response and source.