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Flask of Rust Remover+Rusted ArmorSlightly Rusted ShieldRusty Boots (Rare)Rusted Legs=?

I stumbled across rusty boots and was curious as to what are all the rusty equipment out there (like armor, boots) and what can you get from them if you unrust them with a rust remover?

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You can use the flask of rust remover in :

  • Slightly Rusted Armor and you can get a brass armor, a plate armor, knight armor, paladin armor, crown armor or a golden armor.
  •  Rusted armor and you can get all the same armors as the slightly rusted armor and also a chain or scale armor.
  • Heavily rusted armor and you can get a chain, scale, brass or plate armor
  • Slightly rusted helmet you can get all the same helmet as in the rusted but you can also get a royal helmet
  • Rusted helmet you can get a studet helmet or brass helmet or a iron helmet or a steel or a crown helmet
  • Rusted shield you can get a plate shield, a norse shield, ancient shield, crown shield or a vampire shield
  • Heavily rusted legs you can get a studet legs, chain legs, brass legs, plate legs or a knight legs
  • Rusted legs you can get all the same as heavily rusted legs and also can get a crown legs
  • Slightly rusted legs you can get brass legs, plate legs, knight legs, crown legs and golden legs

This is all the items that can be unrusted right now in game so this list can be updated

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thank you for your response!! makes sense about the boots supposedly their unobtainable at the moment
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yes boots and heavily rusted shield still are unobtainable (but the sprites are in game file so maybe wasn’t looted yet ;)