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Apparently you can get the vanity achievement by using mirrors x amount of times to display a message (don't be so vain - doesn't count)  I know there's so many mirrors in Tibia but which ones will and won't work for the vanity achievement? Standing MirrorMirrorSilver Hand Mirror

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The answer is no. You can get this achievement only by using Wall mirrors - , and . After you use this mirros you will get orange messages like:

For example if you use  nothing will happen. (You can't use it)

Remember if you are not drunk you can look on youtself in the mirrors only once. The best way is to get drunk and then use it more.

Obtainable by using Wall Mirrors 300 times. Note that getting the message Don't be so vain does not count towards the achievement, which is why being drunk in order to eliminate the possibility of this message appearing will save a lot of time. 

TibiaFandom - link

Also to save money you can use wall mirrors found on spawns, like above the Swamp Troll Cave near Venore.