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With several mini changes of world, I wonder if there are pieces of decoration that can be pulled into our house, whatever the city. If anyone knows, thank you.

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I don't know about pulled items, but I can give you a list of the Mini World Changes that you could get cool decoration items from:

Bored Mini World Change   Torn Teddy
Nightmare Isles Mini World Change   Nightmare Teddy
Grimvale Mini World Change    Purple Nightshade Blossom
Noodles is Gone Mini World Change    Fan Doll of Queen Eloise or       Basket (Puppies)

Note: The spoiler to each Mini World Change are attached to their names

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You can obtain mammoth tusks during Chakoya Iceberg mini word change in Port Hope.

They are located on the wall on the second floor of the ice island at the north coast of Port Hope.

 Use "browse field" on the wall to pick them. 

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That's a very interesting piece of information! Thanks for sharing.
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Bored Mini World ChangeTorn Teddy 
 Chyllfroest Miniworld Change Possibility of looting  from Yeti
Grimvale Mini World Change Werewolf Helmet Trophy of FeroxaWolf Backpack, Purple Nightshade Blossoms , Silvered Trap ,
Nightmare Isles Mini World Change Nightmare Teddy 
 Noodles is Gone Mini World Change Fan Doll of Queen Eloise  and Basket Puppies 
 Rivers Run Deep Mini Sandfish 
Thawin Mini World Change Ice Flowers Seeds 
 Oriental Trader Mini World Change Several Furniture https://www.tibiaqa.com/11359/what-furniture-and-how-many-can-i-find-on-yasir-1?show=11359#q11359 

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The shimmer swimmers are only obtainable during the change of the lake north of port hope. Those would be the only miniworld change that I can think of where you actually obtain an item that you otherwise wouldnt be able to get. However, this one you can force yourself if you drag enough trash or dead bodys into the lake.
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There is one more item you can only obtain during mini world changes: it's torn teddy obtainable from Bored mini world change. You can get it in exchange for blood herb, but it's random if you get it or no, so it's quite hard and expensive.
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Nightmare Teddy as well... When the Nightmare Isles Mini World Change is active
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You mean the Nightmare Teddy or the Torn Teddy? Because Nightmare Isles is always there, just in different locations and you can enter it every day.

Torn Teddy, yes that I forgot about.
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The Twisted Waters is a regular "World Change", not a "Mini World Change". There's a technical difference and the question is about MWCs only.
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