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I am thinking about buying house Meriana Beach. Sadly, you cannot (correct me if I'm wrong) drag items from other cities like leaves from Venore. What items can be used for beach themed house decoration? Stack ideas would be much appreciated.


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I took this combination of @Oriibsz's answer in another question, I particularly loved it.

Image: https://www.tibiaqa.com/3134/what-are-the-best-combos-for-house-deco



 Small Tortoise

Calamary (Item)

Shimmer Swimmer

Baby Seal Doll

 Dinky Moss Floret Garland

 Golden Symbol of Suon

 Fafnar Symbol


Calamary (Item) - Tibia Wiki

Small Tortoise - Tibia Wiki

Shimmer Swimmer - Tibia Wiki

Baby Seal Doll - Tibia Wiki

Dinky Moss Floret Garland - Tibia Wiki

Golden Symbol of Suon - Tibia Wiki

Fafnar Symbol - Tibia Wiki

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Items which fit (in my eyes) perfectly for a beach house are following:

Easy and cheap to obtain:

All kind of fruit (I prefer Banana, Coconut, Dragonfruit, Mango, Pineapple) and other food like Bass, Crocodile Steak, Deepling Filet, Fish, Fresh Fruit, all kind of Ice Cream Cones, Marlin, Rainbow Trout, Shrimp etc. . I connect all of that with a nice time at the beach.

What I also like alot are items you get while you can reach Vigintia and go for treasure hunting. For example Starfish and Shells, but also Coral Brooch or Fishbones.


Portable Aqueduct, Moon Carpet, Vegetable Basket, Monkey, Model Ship Lamp, Barrel & Anchor Lamp, Mermaid Figure Head, Pirate Flag, Pirate Ship Ballista, Pirate Skeleton Cage, Pirate Treasure Chest, Ship's Wheel, White Shark Trophy, Curly Hortensis Lamp, Little Big Flower Lamp, Chest of Abundance, Verdant Carpet, Stone Tiles, Bath Tub, Chameleon, Parrot, Fish in a Tank, Azure Carpet, Bamboo Mat and all kind of flowers you get in Store.

Items which may be difficult to obtain / expensive:

Forbidden Fruit, Ron the Ripper's Sabre, The Lethal Lissy's Shirt, Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat, Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch

You also asked for some stacks or other ideas, so here are some Screenshots I took by myself or found on several Fansites / Instagram:

Bonfire ideas

Stacks I recreated (used them some time ago)

My own lvl-up Screenshot from 2019 on the beach

Instagram: jenitibia_

Instagram: tynusiiaa

Instagram: 0h_divine

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- Waterball

- Shimmer Ball

- Mechanical Fish

- Mechanical Fishing Rod

- Fishing Rod

- Coral comb

- Voodoo Lily Pollen

- Shimmer Swimmer 

- Small Tortoise

- Scared Frog

- Calamary

- Scorpion

- Ground agreed

 - Bejewelled ship telescope 


- Holy Orchid

- Dinky Moss

- Soothe bloom

- Nettle blossom 

- Lion’s Mane object

- Fly Agaric 

- Bloodkiss flower

- Blood `herb

- Veldt Flowers

- Snake maw

- Sugar cane

- Wild desert rose

- Trees


- Plushie ofHydra

- Plushie of Deepling

- Plushie of Tentugly

- Stuffed toad

- Baby Seal Doll

- Small Ladybug

Foods & Drinks:

- Banana

- Orange

- Sunfruit

- Mango

- Watermelon

- Prickly Pearl

- Marlin

- Stockfish

- Norternpike Trout 

- Sandfish

- Banana chocolate shake