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I love forest theme to decorate the house, I would like a help with the items that can related the theme and if possible, leave them detailed.

Thanks in advance.

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Bamboo Leaves - Bambo Leaves

- Some leaves

Twigs- Twigs

Leaves (Ramo).gif -Leaves

Magical Tree (Druid) Magical Tree (Paladin)- Magical Tree

Dragon SetDragon Scale Boots Dragon Scale Mail Dragon Scale Legs Dragon Scale Helmet

Terra Set: Terra BootsTerra MantleTerra Legs

Armors/ legs:

Ball Gown- Ball Gown

Bear Skin- Bear Skin

Dragon Scale Mail- Dragon Scale Mail

Earthborn Titan Armor- Earthborn Titan Armor

Earthheart CuirassEarthheart HauberkEarthheart Platemail- Earthheart Cuirass, Hauberk, Platemail

Earthmind Raiment- Earthmind Raiment 

Earthsoul Tabard- Earthsoul Tabard

Elven Mail- Elven Mail

Embrace of Nature- Embrace of Nature

Glooth Cape- Glooth Cape

Goo Shell- Goo Shell

Green Tunic- Green Tunic

Greenwood Coat- Greenwood Coat

Living Armor- Living Armor

Ranger's Cloak- Rangers Cloak 

Swamplair Armor- Swamplair Armor

Elven Legs- Elven Legs

Leaf Legs- Leaf Legs

Trousers of the Ancients- Trousers of the ancients

Crocodile Boots- Crocodile Boots


Bonelord Shield- Bonelord Shield

Great Shield- Great Shield

Shield of Destiny- Shield of Destiny

Spike Shield- Spike Shield

Tortoise Shield- Tortoise Shield

Terran Rainbow Shield- Terran Rainbow Shield


Muck Rod- Muck Rod 

Ogre Scepta- Ogre Scepta

Snakebite Rod- Snakebite rod

Springsprout Rod- Springsproud Rod

Terra Rod- Terra rod

Deepling Ceremonial Dagger- Deepling Ceremonial Dagger

Cobra AxeCobra Club,Cobra Sword,Cobra WandCobra Rod- Cobra Axe, Club, Sword Rod, Wand

Earth Barbaric Axe Replica ,Earth Headchopper Replica,Earth Heroic Axe ReplicaEarth Knight Axe ReplicaEarth War Axe ReplicaEarth Basher ReplicaEarth Cleric Mace ReplicaEarth Crystal Mace ReplicaEarth Orcish Maul ReplicaEarth War Hammer ReplicaEarth Blacksteel ReplicaEarth Mystic Blade ReplicaEarth Relic Sword ReplicaEarth Slayer ReplicaEarth Spike Sword Replica Earth Replicas

Hive Bow- Hive Bow, 

Glooth Club- Glooth Club 

Glooth Whip- Glooth Whip

Jade Hammer- Jade Hammer

Mycological Mace- Mycological Mace

Swampling Club- Swamping Club 

Havoc Blade- Havoc Blade

Wooden Sword- Wooden Sword

Living Vine Bow- Living Vine Bow

Ornate Crossbow- Ornate crossbow

Silkweaver Bow- Silkweaver Bow

Triple Bolt Crossbow- Triple Bolt Crossbow

Viper Star- Viper Star

Earth Arrow- Earth Arrow

Envenomed Arrow- Envenomed Arrow

Poison Arrow- Poison Arrow

Tarsal Arrow- Tarsal Arrow

Bags/ Containers :

Camouflage Backpack Camouflage BagComouflage 

Mushroom BackpackMushroom 

Pannier BackpackPannier 

Green Backpack Green Bag Green

Zaoan Chess BoxZaoan Chess Box

Green FlaskGreen Flask

Teddies/ Bears/ Trophies:


Leaf Golem SantaLeaf Golem Santa

Orclops SantaOrclops Santa

Toy SpiderToy Spider

Lizard TrophyLizard Trophy

Orc TrophyOrc Trophy

Trophy of Obujos , Trophy of Tanjis Trophy of Obujis & Tanjis

Souleater TrophySouleater

Trophy of FeroxaFeroxa

Werebear Trophy Wereboar Trophy Werefox Trophy Werehyaena TrophyWerebadger Trophy Werebear, Wereboar, , Werefox, Werehyeana Werebadger

Wolf TrophyWolf Trophy 

Bookworm DollBookworm doll

Glass of Goo.gif- Glass of Goo

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One question:
- Where can I find a green ewer?
... and one suggestion:
I would add also paladin and druid magical trees and leaves from Coryms'/Trolls' caves.
I haven't finished yet (adding more items and rearranging answer) & for the green ewer I thought of Razachai palace respawn , but I believe I  mixed up the colours. Thank you for pointing out - I will remove and do some investigations re this :)
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Thank you.
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