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Hey guys, 

I have seen a few questions for other house themes, including golden and forest, and as I am currently constructing the Shady Doctor's museum/house of oddities, I thought I would post my question to the community. 

Here are some pictures of its design thus far (though it is still heavily in production): 

Ground floor:

1st floor:

What are some themed items I could add to the museum/oddity theme house?

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Hi! I like rare creature products that sit good on stacks or trophy stands or tables for your theme, also, I believe you don't need crazy expensive items to make a deco look good, so here is my suggestions for your deco, most Items I picked are free or cheap or quest items you can obtain yourself:

Trapped Bad Dream MonsterTrapped Bad Dream Moster

Urmahlullu's PawUrmahlullu's Paw

Brain Head's BrainBrain Head's Brain


Malofur's LunchboxMalofur's lunchbox

Maxxenius HeadMaxxenius Head

Morgaroth's HeartMorgaroth's heart

Orshabaal's BrainOrshabaal's Brain

Panther HeadPanther head

Rotten HeartRotten heart

Forbidden FruitForbidden Fruit

Purifier for Lost SoulsPurifier for Lost souls

Stimulated BrainStimulated brain

Skull (Quest)Skull (Quest)

Painting of a GirlPainting of a Girl

Occupied BirdcageOccupied Bird Cage

And if you're into bottles you can have a section of rare looking ones like:

Katex' BloodKatex` blood

Vial of Cactus MilkVial of Cactus

Flask of HallucinogenFlask of Hallucinogen

Flask with Snake PoisonFlask with Snake Poison

Nightshade DistillateNightshade Distillate

Vial with a Skull CorkVial With a Skull Cork

Grave Flower ExtractGrave Flower estract

And if you're into keys then you can have a rare looking keys section too, these are my favorites:

Bronze Prison KeyCopper Prison KeyGolden Prison Key Silver Prison KeyPrison keys in all its forms

Key to KnowledgeKey to knowledge

Old Silver KeyOld silver key

Magical Cage KeyMagical Key

Lotus KeyLotus Key

Eye KeyEye Key

Note: this answer has room for improvement and I will keep updating it everytime I remember another item I wanna add

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Some really interesting stuff, thanks for this mate!