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Hello everyone who admires a good decoration and takes hours making and undoing your ideas to decorate, I need items related to the Christmas theme, any ideas and items are welcome. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Note: It doesn't necessarily have to be exchange items with Christmas Tokens.

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Firstly, for the sake of room I excluded some but recommend you check out- What items can I obtain by trading my Christmas Tokens? Christmas colors to keep in mind: Red, green, blue, white, or gold. Most items can be converted to create either a Christmas or Winterland theme. There's a lot of items you can use so it's hard to write a full list. You can definitely improvise and make a lot of items turn Christmas here's a chart I made with the help of my sources and some of my own ideas-

Christmas decor purchased from the Tibia Store (Tibia Coins)Decor not purchased with Tibia Coins
Furniture Sets:
All Festive, Comfy, Ice, Magnificent Items
Unsorted: Ice Cube, Snowball, Large Snowball, Decorative Ribbon, Music Box, Turquoise Tendril Lantern, Coal Eyes, Icicle, Ice Mammoth, Crystal Pedestal, Basket (Puppies), Letters, Stamped Letter, or any type of Document or Paper with an inkwell to represent a letter to Santa, Ball Gown, Bunnyslippers, Yetislippers, Greenlight, Burnt Out Devourer Core, Blue Sphere, Norseman Doll (Replica), Crystal Lamp, Fur Cap, Frozen Starlight, Golden Fir Cone, Trapped Lightning, Deer Trophy, Izcandar's Snow Globe, Silky Tapestry, Velvet Tapestry, Fireworks Powder (Green, Red, Grainy, Turquoise, Blue), Surprise Bag (Red or Blue), Balloon Cloth (Can make it look like snow by putting flour or another item on top to hide the brown), Snowman Package, Piggy Bank, Christmas Present Bag
Unsorted: Torch of Change, Stuffed Teddy, Stuffed Bear Display, Light or Change, Incomprehensible Riches, Green/Blue Square/Round Cushion, Dog House, Chest of Abundance, Cat in a Basket, Ferumbras Snowman, Baby Seal, Baby Polar Bear, Verdant Bed, Homely BedQuest Items: Teleport Crystal, Jewel Case (red), Lonely Crystal, Luminescent Crystal, Sapphire Dust, Letterbag, Dream Talisman, Candle made of human tallow, Icicle (Item), Blood Crystal, Sample of Venorean Spice, Glooth Farina, Sacred Antler Talisman, Antler Talisman, Imbuing Crystal, Gold/Silver Nuggets,
Floor: Dark Parquet, Light Parquet, Marble Floor, Piled-up Stone Tiles, Rolled-up Azure Carpet, Rolled-up Emerald Carpet, Rolled-up Shaggy Carpet, Rolled-up Star Carpet, Rolled-up Verdant Carpet, Rolled-up White Fur Carpet, Rolled-up Wooden Planks, Rolled-up Yalaharian Carpet,Valuables: Small rubies, sapphires, emeralds (enchanted or not), Bar of Gold, Gems (Red, Blue, White or Green), Christmas Tokens, Crystal of Power, Crystal of Balance, Crystal of Focus, Giant Ruby, Giant Sapphire, Giant Emerald, Frozen Heart (replica), Diamonds, Crystal Fragments (Cyan, Green, Red), Glass Plate (Green or Blue) Giant Topaz, Goblet of Gloom, Gold Coins, Gold Ingot, Gold Nugget, Gold Token, Hand Puppets (replica), Hexagonal Ruby, Orichalcum Pearl, Pigeon Trophy (replica), Platinum Coin, Crystal Coin, Scarab Coin, Seacrest Pearl, Talon, Minor Crystalline Token
Tapestries: Brocade, Sword, Golden Dragon Tapestry,Lightweights: Wool, Coal, Silky Fur, Winter Wolf Fur, Bloody Tears, Golden Lotus Brooch, Red Lantern, Crystallized Anger, Ice Flower (Item)
Flowers: Red Roses, Red Geranium, Luminescent Fungi, Flourescent Fungi,  Bitter-Smack LeafDecoration from NPCS: Tapestries, Wedding Outfit Box, Present Box, Rocking Horse, Green or Red Cushioned Chair, Sofa Chair Kit, Candlestick, Candelabrum, Cuckoo Clock, Chimney, Harp, Piano, Pillows, Oven, Tables, Coal Basin, Rocking Chair, Small Ice Statues (Fish or Bird), Crystal Table
Food: You can basically use any food but in particular I recommend- Gingerbread men, Candy Canes, Flour (can be used as snow), Colored Eggs, Walnut, Tomato, Ham, Lump of Cake Dough, Dragon Ham, Cream Cake, Cookies, Milk, Beer, Wine, Chocolate Cake, Cake (Decorated or not), Bar of Chocolate, Fresh Fruit, Candy, Gingerbread Hearts, Baking Tray (Reed or Cookie), Winterberry Liquor, Most Hot Cuisine items will set the table nicely.
From NPC Messenger of Santa: Christmas Bundle (Red, Blue, Green), Christmas Garland (Red, Blue, Green), Christmas Branch, Christmas Card, Christmas Garland, Christmas Present (Red, Blue, Green), Christmas Tree Package, Christmas Wreath
Plants/Flowers: Leaves, Blood Herb, Heaven Blossom, Holy Orchid, Red or Blue Rose, White Flower, Crimson Rose, Red Silk Flower, Areca Palm, Ficus Benjamina, White Silk Flower, Crimson Nightshade Blossoms, Dinky Moss Floret/Garland,  Flower Pot (Lizard Tongue, Winter Blossom, Midnight Bloom, Ember Queen), Ground Reed, Raven Herb, Star Herb, Stone Herb, Wild Desert Rose, Rosebush
Dolls and Bears: Torn Teddy, Teddy Bear, Annihilation Bear, Panda Doll, Doll, Wooden Doll, Stuffed Dragon, Baby Seal Doll, Bear Doll, Truelove Teddy

Inspiration from-

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Hello Jad!

Since I'm not good in decorating houses in Tibia and Shawtay already gave you a lot of examples of different christmas theme related items I would rather help you with some ideas!

There is a quite new fansite about decorating - TibiaHome, where you can find dozens of different deco ideas, guides etc. Now you can follow them to check how they use different items to create cozy, christmas deco:


Here you can find a guide:


Here is a video made by Suzy Kill with an amazing idea how to make a christmas tree using many different things, and the result is brlliant:


Decoration made by Ilysz Mentada from Talera (source: TibiaHome Instagram):

Decoration made by Suzy Kill (source: TibiaHome Instagram):

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