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Today I saw a goblet in a house full of talons and PoI/Pharaon items.

My question is, what can be considered as oldschool decoration? What was used in old tibia to decorate houses? I can see that talons and blood herbs were the thing back then. Can you give me more examples?

I'm looking for decoration highlights from Tibia 7.6 to Tibia 10.

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I don't understand, why my question got downvoted?
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What do you consider old-school? This is very broad and can mean different things to different users. I'd clarify this to a specific version or year.
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I specified my question now. Thanks for advice!

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What's considered old decoration can depend on the player. I know I started in 2004 and have seen plenty of home decor. It all depends on the year in Tibia but I will mention some in no particular order.

I know back in the day you would see a bunch of crates Crate  displayed in houses and on top you would a beloved set. In which most would take off every night and take as needed (guilty, as charged).

It wasn't uncommon in later years to see Magic Plate Armors Magic Plate Armor with Mastermind Shields Mastermind Shieldtopped with Giant Spider Silk Spider Silk.

Literally people would throw items in their house and it was still cool and amazing because you would see items that you had no idea how to get or you knew they were super rare at the time.

Houses were more practical in the days, were used mostly for storage or hiding away from creatures etc. Also houses were known for holding celebrations like marriage or Christmas parties! You can say it was just a party everyday in Tibia if you knew someone who owned a house.

Let me mention some items that were popular decoration back in "the day" or my days:

The number one decor: Blood Herb Blood Herbs

Let's not forget about the incredible Atlas Atlas

Everyday essentials right in front of the door to mana sit: Dragon Ham Dragon Ham, Blank Rune Blank Rune..other food items as well depending on your taste lol

Gems were quite popular - Talons Talon, Small DiamondsSmall Diamond , Scarab Coins Scarab Coin.

Quest items - Skull of Ratha Skull of Ratha, Annihilation Bear Annihilation Bear  Model Ship Model Ship Firlefanz FirlefanzGoldfish Bowls Goldfish Bowl

Cute items- Doll Doll, Seal Doll Baby Seal Doll, Piggy Banks Piggy Bank Stuffed Dragons Stuffed Dragon

Items bought from store (and no not with Tibia Coins) - Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clock, Minotaur Statue Minotaur Statue, Pictures Picture (Landscape),  Wall Mirrors Wall Mirror (Edged), Tapestries Yellow Tapestry, Cooking items w/ an oven Rolling Pin, Pillows Heart Pillow, Water Pipes Water Pipe, Bird Cages Birdcage.... practically anything you can get from the store!

Tusks from Elephants Tusk

Footballs Football (If you were lucky enough to push it to your house back in the day)

What I remember strongly is the house being decorated for marriages. Here's one of me getting married back in the day:

And of my friends marriage sorry for the poor images:

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Oh yes, the Atlas! Thank you for your detailed answer!
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Not a problem was good going down memory lane :)
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Blood herbsBlood Herb

Coconut Coconut

Crystal Pedestal Crystal Pedestal

Similar items to Icy Cranial BasherIcy Cranial Basher Or Orcish Maulobrazekobrazekobrazek

Blue robes everywhere Blue Robe

Rewards from Demon Oak Quest  itemitemitemitem

Sets like full demon set on ground or Golden items one.

Tome set itemitemitemitemitem


Demonwing Axeitem


Stacks of 100 of itemitemitemitemitemitemitemitemitem

Sets of Elemental eq for mages for example obrazekobrazekobrazekobrazekobrazek

Back in the days ppl also used tapestries as carpets Red Tapestryobrazekobrazekobrazek

Ofc its my opinion. I just remember old houses like that. :D

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I know these :) (apart from your suggestions and skejcior, of course)

  • Crystal coin stacks [version 7.4]
  • Skull staff [version under 2007?] (sometimes with Wand of Inefrno [version 8.10] under staff for 'fire effect' )
  • Demon set (not only legs from demon oak) [under version 8.2 when changes have been made][version unknown][version uknown][version 7.20]
  • Soft Boots [version 7.40]
  • Boots of haste [version 7.10] 
  • Rares (I think it's the most popular)  [version 7.30] Bunnyslippers (with demon set!:D) Yellow rose [version uknown, but it was removed after update 9.8] Golden Helmet [version 2.0]
  • Magic Plate Armor  [version ??]
  • Trunk (for stacks)  [version 7.50]
  • Annihilation Bear [version 7.20]
  • Crystal Wand [version under update 6.0]
  • Magic Sword  [version 6.0]

Some inspiratuons from antica :) (i know, some of them have new items too but keep style)

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It's good research that's why I voted up your answer. You showed new items in your screen but the style is old enough, thank you for taking your time!
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Yeah, because they made it precise just now. AFTER our opinions.... omg :p
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I had to precise it, yes. Still, your opinions were right at point with some items that didn't fit old Tibia. Thanks for feedback!
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Oh good old times.... This is what I remember:

Item 1Item 2Item 3
 (as carpet)

Divine'Angel - blog

Please have a look onTibia forum - link. There is a guy who played in very old times. He post many old screens :)

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Haha no problem! :)
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Thank you for all the screens! I see this question was a bit complicated but every answer brings something good to it.
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Well I hope that you found in our answers what you were looking for :). It was really funny for me to go back to this times and look for old screens :D  And those Golden boots.... You made me happy with this question! :D
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