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During this quest it is possible to obtain many items, including bottles, flowers and decorative objects.

> What are all these items?

> It would be nice to add pictures of these items.
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I believe this is asking the same question, https://www.tibiaqa.com/30823/what-are-the-possible-items-used-for-decoration-with-the-new-updates-12-90 however yours is more specific so I'll leave this question open for now~
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There is at least one new deco item on Marapur, which is not related to the Quest, so even though the questions look similar, the answers can be slightly different.

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the first mission I think have the best items is the feathers from killing asuras bosses 

as long as you don't turn in the first mission you can farm the feathers every 20 hr boss cooldown and they will keep dropping

  Swan Feather

 Peacock Feather

 Flamingo Feather