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My friends are doing the quest and one of them couldn't unite the "hand items" to form the "asuri talisman".

My other friend went to help him and managed to unite the item for him, but it didn't work, he can't enter the Marapur teleport.

How to proceed with the quest? Is it possible to get other items again and assemble the talisman again?

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To progress further with the quest you must create the talisman yourself, so I think your friend has to collect the items once again (I think it should be possible after 20 hours?) and try to create the talisman by himself.
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@dzedor, did you test our the cooldown? it's best not to answer questions with a guess and provide confident answers. @the user who raised a flag- thank you for submitting a flag raising doubts about if the answer is correct or not. however, it's best to follow the steps in the help center instead of the flag in this case: https://www.tibiaqa.com/answering-incorrect-answer