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Some items are non-imbuable with specific buffs due to their base statistics - for example Divine Plate cannot be imbued with death protection, beacuse it has nice death reduction on its base.

The Devileye is a very rare crossbow which can be looted from Morgaroth. Its hard to aim with it (-20% hit rate) but potential hit may be deadly (+20 atk). I am wondering if that is possible to imbue it with powerful crit? Combine that with spectral bolts would give us insane 98atk with 50% critical damage. That would suprise any mage without mana shield.

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As I know only the Falcon and Destruction weapons can use Critical. The Devil eye look nice because have 3 sloot and with this can make up for.

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Yes, most bows and crossbows with imbue slots can have critical imbuement! Infact, almost all the crossbows and bows have 3 imbue slots!

This also includes this masterpiece:

Musician's Bow, Range: 4). It weighs 12.50 oz. Imbuement Slots: 3

Yes, even this bow can have tier 3 critical imbuement, so obviously The Devileye can aswell :)

If im correct I believe that it's only some of the umbral bows/crossbows that can't have T3 Crit

 The Devileye is indeed really strong, but its bigger flaw is its hit chance, this is why paladins rather use a bow with a higher hit chance, than not. But once you hit with the devileye.. its bye bye monsters.