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What are the top 10 distance weapons dealing the highest average damage?

The destruction weapon level requirement are now changing from level 100 to level 200. With this There will be a greater need for players to find options for their hunting weapons and then I thought that a good top 10 list would be valuable.

Note that I am aware that the distance weapons dealing the highest average single target damage for paladins will be falcon and umbral weapons and it has level 250 as a requirement. Hence the fist top spots will be occupied with weapons not available for level 100. But as you go further down the list there will be options.

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1.- Royal Star - Attack 64 + 2 Fire

2.- Assasin Star - Attack 65

3.- Glooth Spear - Attack 55


1.- Thorn Spitter

2.- Umbral Crossbow

3.- Rift Crossbow/Royal Crossbow


1.- Living Vine Bow

2.- Rift Bow

3.- Mycological Bow/Umbral Bow