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What's better for a paladin to use between these two weapons?

Is there any big difference or is it just a question of "what you like the most"?

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It is about what you hunt and how you hunt.

I use crowssbow for bosses (umbral master crossbow if the loot depends of the damage, or Crossbow of destruction if not); and bow for hunting (falcon bow or bow of cataclysm).

Bow is better for hunting because the hits are constant, and now it allows you to use diamond arrows. And even when I hunted creatures 1 by 1, I preferred using cristalline arrows instead of bolts. Doing this you normaly get more exp and profit at the end of the hunt.
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Thanks!! I usually play as knight, so I don't know much about paladin
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Basically Bows are better to hunt creature in group/box while Crossbows arebetter to hunt single target monsters (including bosses)

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I reached out to a couple of Paladins for their opinions and they explained it to me like this:

Bow: When hunting alone - Because distance is typically massive.

Crossbow: When boss* hunting in a team - Because damage is typically impressive.

They recommended Rift Bow or Wasinger or Rift Crossbow and Royal Crossbow w/ Crystalline Arrows or Prismatic Bolts.
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Sorry.. but disagree. Crossbow in team? Useless. In team you kill several creatures, so the best is to kill most of them at the same time with Diamond arrows and expansible rines being a paladín. If you used xbow you would make 1 single creature to die fast, and the others would die after at the same time; so u wouldnt be helping th hunt to get better
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I reached out to my Paladin friend and had said his team hunts consist of bosses so this is why he uses crossbow. I dont main paladins so maybe I need to test this out myself. Thanks for input!