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How does the time, climate, height, distance and weight work in Tibia and how do they compare to the real life measurements?

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- Time

1 Hour in real world = 1 Day on Tibia

30 Minutes in real world = 12 Hours of Day and Night

1 Day in real world = 24 Days on Tibia

15,2 Days in real world = 1 Tear on Tibia

- Climate

The wind of Tibia appears to always blow towards the east, and the only thing in Tibia that is affected by the wind seems to be the water and flags.

In the most areas of Tibia it have a forever Summer, you can see it on flowers.

- Height

The average height of a Citizen Outfit is 1.41 meters

The height of each floor in Tibia is equal 1.41 meters, so a house with 2 floors hace a height of 2,82 meters.

- Distance

Every Squares Meters (SQM) have a sice have a size of 1x1 meters. The total zice (All floors) of Tibia is more than 27K square kilometers. 

- Weight

In Tibia everything is measured in ounces.

1 OZ = 0.03 KG

1 0Z = 29,57 ML

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1.41 meters for humans? So dwarfs are REALLY dwarfed on Tibia!!

And by weight, you mean that 1 oz is equivalent to 30 grams? Kinda cool to see it all put on that way that you made. I know that they still use this weight measurement on the United States of America.