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Summer Update 2021 brought two new hunting grounds in Issavi, the Ruins of Nuur and the Salt Caves. Each cave has two variations of a mythological creature: Girtablilu Warrior  and Venerable Girtablilu in the Ruins of Nuur, Bashmu and Juvenile Bashmu in the Salt Caves.

They don't have a fixed respawn, meaning it's not the same creature that always spawns in the spawn spot. After many hunts in these two places, I found out roughly their proportions: 70% Girtablilu Warrior and 30% Venerable Girtablilu, 40% Bashmu and 60% Juvenile Bashmu.

However, hunting in these places I found myself in situations that were very rare in other places with dynamic spawns (mostly in Oramond). Many times a pull consisted almost exclusively of the same variation, even of the less common one. That is, during a hunt in Salt Caves is very common to have a pull with mostly Juveniles Bashmus, followed by another with pretty much only Bashmus, and so on. Of course sometimes they are mixed, but my feeling is that these pulls happen very often.

With this in mind, how exactly does the dynamic spawn in these caves work? Is it just a random chance based on the estimates I found after many hunts for each spawn spot? Is there any intricate mechanic behind these two places?

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It is called "Shared Spawns" or " Varying Monster Spawnmechanism and it was introduced in 2014. Similar spawns to it are: Oramond and Dawnport. Thanks to this we are able to trigger spawn of Crustacea Gigantica - https://www.tibiaqa.com/937/where-spots-crustacea-respawn-instead-abyssal-calamary-seacrest-grounds

More to Read: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Varying_Monster_Spawn

Varying Monster Spawn or a Shared Spawn is one that spawns Creatures from a predefined set of more than one creature, as opposed to traditional monster spawns that only ever spawn a specific creature. For example, a Dawnport varying monster spawn may select from a set {Troll-Trained SalamanderMountain Troll}; that is, each time a creature spawns, the type of creature is chosen from this set. This creates a more dynamic environment, because a particular strategy may not apply depending on which creatures were selected to spawn in varying monster spawns.

The Varying Monster Spawn system was implemented with the Summer Update 2014. The first areas where it was applied was Oramond and Dawnport.