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Hello, I'm kind of a new player and as the title says, I'm confused on how it works...

I had my theories but I proven myself wrong. ANYWAYS, on wiki almost all creatures is "NOT possible to block spawn" but just by standing inside the room they never spawn until I leave.

For example, near Carlin there is a troll cave with a hole, inside there is 5 trolls and it's a pretty small cave (you see it whole by standing in the center), the wiki says trolls are not blockable but just staying there will make them never spawn again, their corpses rot, turn into bones, vanishes and never spawn until you rope yourself up, Unlike Dawnport that you can't get 1 second of peace because creatures keep respawning while you are still fighting the other creatures that ganked you... I thought that would be the same in main, I was kind specting that every non blockable spawn would have that blue flash.

So, anyone already reverse engeneered it? Or just know how it really works? I can't find it anywhere.

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I guess nobody knows and we will never know.

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For the starter, Dawnport trolls and mainland trolls are a different creatures:
Dawnport: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Mountain_Troll – regular unblockable spawn
Main: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Troll – regular blockable spawn

In the days of old, all regular spawns were blockable. The idea was that a player shouldn't notice the spawning. In a broader context, it is to create an illusion of always-living world. That's an optimization you might be familiar with in other games. For instance, in games like GTA, you may notice that the world only changes behind your back! (Sometimes worryingly often if your PC has low spec.) Similarly, in Tibia there is no need to simulate creatures movement if nobody can notice the difference. These rules are not perfect, and sometimes you can notice still creatures: e.g. in Thais Ancient Temple. That is because only presence of players on adjacent floors are considered.

Back to the spawning: you might have missed this article on TibiaWiki: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Spawn#Creature_Spawn

In Tibia almost all monsters respawn at a certain rate or randomly on the game world in specific places. However, some monsters may only spawn as an event triggered by a player doing a quest.

Please note that creatures will only respawn if you are standing at least 7 squares away from them, or 2 squares off screen.

The rate at which creatures spawn is determined also by the amount of online players. The spawning rate is faster if there are many players and slower if there are few players. Since February 15, 2013, the respawn rate was changed and the minimum rate is the same as if there were 500 players online. The maximum respawn rate is achieved when there are 800 or more players online. On September 06, 2018, CipSoft announced that it would double the spawn rate of all creatures (with the exception of Bosses and Minibosses), and this changes were implemented the following week. Furthermore, they also added the Improved Respawn Rate system.

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With which part of my answer do you disagree?

Spawn being unblockable is a creature attribute. As such, it might be missing from the wikis, which had their golden age around 2011. For TibiaWiki, because this an extra attribute instead of true/false/unknown flag, there is no list of creatures to be verified. If you find any discrepancies, please update them :).

(+ The Prometheus took that vegetable from mt. Olympus two decades ago).
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I was disagreeing with the fandom sources, not your answer, sorry my bad.

As I said, I'm grateful for your time to answer and your linkings, I didn't upvoted you earlier because I'm not allowed to for some reason. But I just noticed that I am allowed to mark as best answer!

Thank you again and sorry for the misunderstanding, english is not my first language.
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No worries!