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Ok, so pretty straightforward: For some unknown reason, there was never any implementation of an easy "Creature Dispel" magic for Tibia after all of these years of game (at least until the publication of this question). If I summoned or convinced a creature, how can I vanish with this mob in a fast and practical way? Do I need to waste mana/time/supply killing it? Or maybe going up or down some floors will solve the question? If I run really fast the summon disappears at some point? And what about the high level summons that every vocation has?

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1. Regular Summons (Utevo Res/Convinced Creature)

- Go up or down two floors

- Go up or down one floor and get some distance

- Get some distance from the summon

- Luring a creature and make the summon die

- Logout and relog again

2. High Level Summons

- Luring a creature and make the summon die

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The recommendation regarding "Utevo res" summons are the same to convinced creatures? If yes, please, edit your answer and insert this information pointing it.
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Yes, is the same.