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Dwarven Helmet or Demon Helmet, whats is better?

Which protects more or better?

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DeH 10 armor = average damage reduction is 7

DwH 6 armor = average damage reduction is 4

So the average damage reduction diff between the two is 3, but DwH has 2% reduction, so it will be better for hits equal to 3/.02 = 150+, so basically better against creature which max hit is 300+ as long avg hit will be 150+.

As long the reduction rounds up, DwH will be as good as DeH for hits as lower as > 2/0.02, so > 100 because the % reduction will be bigger than 2 and will round up to 3 in such cases.

So, DwH is worse for creatures which max hit is < 200, as good for creature where 200 < max hit < 300, and better for creature which max hit is 300+.

For this thing the dwarven helmet is also more expensive than the dwarven but for terms of higher levels dwarven helmet is always better if you can afford it.

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Demon Helmet

(Arm: 10).

It weighs 29.50 oz. 

Imbuement Slots: 2

Dwarven Helmet

(Arm: 6, protection physical +2%).

It weighs 42.00 oz. 

Imbuement Slots: 2

We are going use a Claw of 'The Noxius Spawn' for testing. It ALWAYS deal 200 physical base damage whenever you wear it.

With Demon Helmet Equiped:

Min. Damage: 191

Max. Damage: 195

(Around 5-9 damage reduced)

With Dwarven Helmet Equiped:

Min. Damage: 191

Max. Damage: 193

(Around 7-9 damage reduced)

Using formulas provided by tibia.wikia.com for damage reduction:

Minimum damage reduction = totalArmor * 0.475

Maximum damage reduction = totalArmor * 0.95 - 1

Demon Helmet: 

Min: 4,75 / Max: 8,5

Dwarven Helmet:

Min: 2,85 / 4,7 without 2%

2% of 200 damage = 4

Min: 6,85 / 8,7

Look really close of number with the test using Claw of 'The Noxius Spawn'.

With the 2% the Dwarven Helmet gonna protect more when the hits are really stronger. Because every 100 of phsycal damage gonna convert into 98.

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iF you are a high level character, facing enormous physical damage, the Dwarven Helmet will be your best choice! One thing to pay attention is that currently they are extremely expensive due to the imbuements that you can put on it

Being hit by less than 200 damage (as @Zupakode said) means that the Demon Helmet you should be your pick (for example, the average maximum hit of Free Account creatures).

As a rule of thumb, you can follow that, the same concept can be applied if you compare the Zaoan Helmet with the Demon Helmet!