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How much better in terms of physical protection is the Falcon Plate compared to Ornate Chest Plate?

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Falcon plate has all the stats better than the ornate chest plate. How would it ever perform worse?
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Maybe need chagen the question to: What is the difference on Ornate Chest Plate and Falcon Plate? or How much is better the Falcon Plate?
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That would make more sense

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Ornate Chestplate
(Arm: 16, shielding +3, protection physical +8%).
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 200 or higher.
It weighs 156.00 oz.
Imbuement Slots: 2

Falcon Plate
(Arm: 18, shielding +4, protection physical +12%).
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 300 or higher.
It weighs 188.00 oz. Imbuement Slots: 2

We are going use a Claw of 'The Noxius Spawn' for testing. It ALWAYS deal 200 physical base damage whenever you wear it.

With Ornate Chestplate:
Min. Damage: 169
Max. Damage: 176
(Around 24-31 damage reduced)
Average: 27,5

With Falcon Plate Equiped:
Min. Damage: 159
Max. Damage: 167
(Around 33-41 damage reduced)
Average: 37

So the average damage reduction diff between the two is 9,5. So the difference is +4,75% more protection with the Falcon Plate.

Using formulas provided by tibia.wikia.com for damage reduction:
Minimum damage reduction = totalArmor * 0.475
Maximum damage reduction = totalArmor * 0.95 - 1

Ornate Chestplate:
Min: 7,6 / Max: 14,2
8% of 200 damage = 16
Min: 23,6 / 30,2

Falcon Plate:
Min: 8,55 / 16,1 without 2%
12% of 200 damage = 24
Min: 32,55 / 40,1

Look really close of number with the test using Claw of 'The Noxius Spawn'. At the end the Falcon Plate is better, but cost really more than Ornate Chest Plate.

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Falcon items are the best items ingame atm
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And the next update will not bring better armor.