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Best set to use? On set avoid soul, falcon and gnome items.

Whats the route and charms to use (I have all the elemental damages - Holy not incluide)?

What Imbuements?

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So Cobra and Eldritch items are ok to use? ;-)
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Cobra yes, eldritch no XD

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I did not put Eldritch Items as they are Expensive and I am guessing you looking for "affordable" EQ. Being perhaps harsh, you should reevaluate your equipment  as you should have Gnome Helmet and Cobra Rod with you at this level. 

Mage's Hat   Powerful Void (Mana) & Powerful Epiphany (Magic Level) or Yalahar Mask  - Powerful Void (Mana)

Enchanted Theurgic Amulet- Enchanted Theurgic Amulet 

 Dwarven Armor- Dwarven Armor with Imbuement with Powerful Snake Skin- 1st choice. -once you get comfortable with spawn you can swap to

- Bear Skin (with Death Protection Imbue only if the Viziers are out)

- Cobra Rod with Powerful Strike and Powerful Void (Mana)  if not Rod of Destruction 

 Shoulder Plate Shoulder Plate Or  Spirit Guide- Spirit Guide   - With Earth Imbuement- Powerful Snake Skin 

Gill Legs- Gill Legs 

Pair of Dreamwalkers- Pair of Dreamwalkers 

Prismatic Ring- Prismatic Ring 

Lit Moon Mirror- Lit Moon Mirror 

Charms- Any elemental offensive charms as they are neutral to everything apart of Earth. 

Route: Run Circles on each floor/ room 

Tips, Comments with clear Route -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HhE-0ouxQA

Happy Hunting.