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Where is the best place to loot Stone Skin Amulets and Might Rings? Using Elder Druid, level 380+.
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I loot Might Rings at Yielothax, alot. But might have better places, and this only lasts till the Raging Mage is killed.

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Stone Amulets Might Rings 
 Cobra Scout (uncommon) Yielothaxes (Semi-rare)
 Burster Spectre (Semi - rare) Hero Cave [Hero(rare) & Vicious Square(very rare)]
 Carlin Cult's ( 3 monsters- Cult Enforcer, Cult Believer, Cult Scholar x Very rare)Demon's (semi-rare)
 Wereboar, Werewolf, Werebear (rare)
Sight Surrender both (Uncommon)*

* Sight Surrender's are not so much recommended for obvious reasons.... 

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Can you kill sight of surrenders solo? I've never been there but I heard they are hard to kill and take a long time
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I call it "option for stubborns & masochists" xD. Yes they are hard, higher level is recommended and it takes a lot of time.
But was only one which had both items together and was still more or less acceptable.