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My EK quit playing because some rl issues so im pretty screwed. I haven't taken a single level for 3 months because I never exped solo really.

So, what spawns I should go for the best xp/h as 500 ED solo? If we exclude falcons because I think it's obvious, and seems packed at least when I run to Oberon

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I'm a 530 ED and other than Falcon, there are two other places I like to hunt at. Beware that if you want the best xp/h, you're likely to find the place packed (we all want the top xp/h :)) 

  • Burried Cathedral (Faceless Bane area): With GFB (yes, despite the resistance on the Gazer Spectres). Not top experience for this level, but not as crowded as the next two. I'm uncertain on the top gear for this place but DEFINITELY wear garlick necklace and death protection.
  • Asura Mirror: Death and fire protection (and some mana drain protection), thunderstorm runes, SD and wild growth for emergencies, and dwarven rings. Make sure that the True Asuri are trapped before you start hunting here. Don't trap yourself unless it's with very few on you. Avoid going down the draps which are small as you won't be able to run them there. Partnering with a paladin or an MS works beautifully. Not sure about how much XP/h (haven't done it in a long time by myself)
  • Summer Court: Fire protection and avalanche. There's no trick other than not getting trapped. The Winter court is actually nice too (even better since there's more room to run in two of the floors, and you can always use fire bombs in an emergency), the obvious issue is not being able to UE. Decent profit.
  • Ice library (solo): Complete waste as you need to stay on mana shield most if not all of the time. I haven't done it myself, but I have gone in a team and I have seen others do it successfully at a much lower level. Bring GFB, all the ice protection you can get (imbue a shoulder plate and a dream shroud if you have them) and switch your UE to tera (will not give you tons of damage, but it helps, just make sure you only use it to finish a large group off, otherwise the cooldown it gives you will actually lower your xp/h). Throwing a fire bomb to a side can be a life saver to avoid getting trapped.
Good luck!
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Summer court respawn seems to be the best place for you smiley

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Oramond west for a 500? How much exp/h is it? Always though it was a respawn for low lvls.
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With raid can up to 3kk/h.
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That much is not good for that lvl hehe
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Other than everything mentioned already Gazer Spectres in PH are pretty decent.
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Asuras , Issavi sewers, Oramond west are  the best I think for ex as ED 500+
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Banuta -4 isn't a good place for Eds to hunt since thay will have to use only runes.

Oramond west is a hunt for Sorceres and RPs around lvl 300.

Carnivours is good for profit only.

Thes best place o can make a good XP is Summer Court as already they said.

Now it looks me pretty weird a player lvl 500 that doesn't know where to hunt alone. I just wonder how much u pay.
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Other than falcons (that the author of the question explicitly excluded) this doesn't provide any new place compared to existing answers and doesn't explain why this subset of places is better.
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hehe ok I'm editing to be more clear.
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"Now it looks me pretty weird a player lvl 500 that doesn't know where to hunt alone. I just wonder how much u pay."

I don't think it's weird... 'Cause I'm at lvl 440 and I don't know where to hunt solo... I hunt in team party since lvl 80, everyday... Solo only some quests, but HUNT... Only in party... And I don't know where I can hunt solo...
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