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My EK quit playing because some rl issues so im pretty screwed. I haven't taken a single level for 3 months because I never exped solo really.

So, what spawns I should go for the best xp/h as 500 ED solo? If we exclude falcons because I think it's obvious, and seems packed at least when I run to Oberon

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Some places you can try are:

  • Summer Court
  • Winter Court
  • Lower Spikes (Last Floor)
  • Oramond West (With Quara Raid)
  • Banuta -4
  • Oramond West Raid
  • Lower Roshamuul
  • Carnivours Rock
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Oramond west for a 500? How much exp/h is it? Always though it was a respawn for low lvls.
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With raid can up to 3kk/h.
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That much is not good for that lvl hehe
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Summer court respawn seems to be the best place for you smiley

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Other than everything mentioned already Gazer Spectres in PH are pretty decent.
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Best respwn for exp/h at 500 ED is Falcons, there you can get with boost and preys up to 13 kk/h. 
There is a 650MS hunting but you can do it also easy at lvl 500 , check the video to see how the hunt route is and make an idea of the way to hunt there.

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Banuta -4 isn't a good place for Eds to hunt since thay will have to use only runes.

Oramond west is a hunt for Sorceres and RPs around lvl 300.

Carnivours is good for profit only.

Thes best place o can make a good XP is Summer Court as already they said.

Now it looks me pretty weird a player lvl 500 that doesn't know where to hunt alone. I just wonder how much u pay.
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Other than falcons (that the author of the question explicitly excluded) this doesn't provide any new place compared to existing answers and doesn't explain why this subset of places is better.
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hehe ok I'm editing to be more clear.
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