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Well In this case i'm a EK 116 and i think some guides are missing the solo hunt for the EK... In this case i want to ask for those hunters that enjoy the art of hunting those spots by him/herself :)

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With the added update to the challenge spell (exeta res) monsters can't run away so the nightmare cave in Krailos is a very nice spawn at your level.

Sea serpents are by far my favorite spawn for your level, I started at around 80-90 on the northern spawn until the respawn got too slow and went on to the south one. At 130+ you can also start tasking, which is where I got all my 100 task points. (I also did some team hunting in between but most of my solo time was in there.)

Use the amulets they drop for added ice protection, you can still sell them to rashid for full price even with 1 charge left. The updated challenge spell will make killing young sea serpents worth your while at low level in north spawn as well, plus you get bloody pincers for imbuement or just to sell from the blood crabs :)

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