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Do you know and can you name some good spots to solo hunt with a level 200+ EK? I don't mind profit/waste. I'm solely interested in quick experience gain.

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Krailos nightmares should be a good place to go.

Here is an Eric Psykik video on it, you can get like 2KK/hr there at your level:
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With proper imbuements there is a few nice spawns.

The north tasking area for new warzones with diremaws (or just warzone 6) is a really nice place for both exp and profit.

Glooth bandits is decent exp with very nice profit.

Glooth castle/tower in western oramond is a nice place.

You could try Asuras as well but be careful until you know how much you can handle, this actually goes for all the above spawns, never rush in taking full boxes in a new spawn you haven't tried before.

The best place is probably Diremaws tbh, this spawn is insane. You can probably stay there until forever and just increase the amount of monsters you take at a time the higher you get. I'm getting 2.6kk/h with just bonus stamina in tasking area and I'm pushing 3kk/h in warzone 6 even without full imbuements, note that freeze charm and earth resistance imbuement is a very nice option in there.

between 250-300 you can either use a gnome sword or imbue energy damage on gold token weapon to start hunting Banuta, very nice place.
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If you're only interested on experience, the best place is Barkless at Ab'dendriel, it's full waste but the experience is great. Bring garlic necklaces and bone fiddle if you have, and you'll do great there.
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