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I'm here with a question. Give me as many ideas as you can about solo journeys for my knight, skills 103/99. I want to start basic on myself, not even on any druid for now. I wonder if anyone can give me any advice/tips which may help me a lot! :)

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Well, long time ago the most popular for Elite Knights were Sea Serpents, but I think there are much better places to try:

  • Banuta - lower levels (safe place and good profit),
  • Bones - rather slow and safe mode on this level (good profit),
  • lower Roshamuul,
  • Asura Palace (but I'm not sure it this place isn't better for lower levels),
  • Asura mirror (but only when True Asuras are lured away) - EKs can make there really good exp/h,
  • you can try Glooth Bandits - nice profit
  • I heard that Glooth tower is good to hunt
  • Walls - profit
  • WOTE - profit

If you are not experienced better to start with easier places, like Walls, Banuta, Gloth Bandits, Asura Palace and keep Bones or Asura mirror for better times ;)

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ummm ... yeah... Im without rath. points so glooths nope. Asuras eat my mana like... ugh... pretty sick to keep mana but I'll try em also :) thanks for some ideas! appreciated!

anyway what u think about
venore spectress ?
summer curort?
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TBH I'm not playing EK, but I asked my friend and he said that Asuras are really nice (and the best for this level) option, so if you have problem with mana - use bronze necklace, starlight vial and charm "dodge" on midnight asuras. It should solve the problem.
He also said that Venore Spectres and Dream Courts are nice, but on your level you probably won't be able to make a good exp there, you'll take up to 5 monsters on yourself and waste so much that it isn't a good idea.