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My character:
EK 220 sword skills 92/86 ml 9

I need gold coins to buy gear, where can i farm it?
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Hello, just solo? And you just want gold coins or other terms of profit like items you can sell on the market?
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Yes only for profit and solo, I need to farm 35kk
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at that lvl glooth bandits should be an option too, they die easily and drop a lot of money, as this is only a half answer i would say:

glooth bandits
bosses (GT, leiden, urma, etc but the most important ones are after lvl 250, consider hitting such lvl for oberon, feaster, grave danger etc)
yielothax depends on the server but is usually worth even without might ring (specially if u remember to kill the boss)
im almost sure that you can deal with drakens too so consider them.

also always remember to use imbuements, im not sure what imbues use knight but critical is a MUST.

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Probably everyone will tell you the same - Imbuing Items.

The most profitable will be probably;

rope belts - cults yalahar/goroma,

elven scouting glass / elvish talisman - elves on yalahar,

gloom wolf furs,

Remember to check daily other imbuing items (due to world transfers You might be able to find there is missing some items idk, like winter wolf furs.

Also but it will be hard at Your lvl - gold token bosses, with decent team who knows what to do You can make golds in 15-20min and it's depending on luck 200-800k in gold tokens. Other bosses - probably only lady tenebris is worth effort.
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I can recommend exotic cave its really easy to hunt there with any vocation but it can be full depending of your server…

You can try to hunt orc shaman or orc cult priest to get the broken shamanic staff that are used to imbues and is usually expensive

You can try hunting in feyrist weak frazz caves its a good profit there just remember to bring garlic amulet

Pirat cave is good for profit and they drop a good amount of great health potions and great mana potions (the bad part is doing the access and it can be full depending of the server)
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Youre right mini roshamuul might be good but still less profitable then farming pure imbuing items. Probably worthy effort only with prays for loot.