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Where to hunt 53 knight skills 86/78 eq: zao helm, dsm, zao legs, boh, demon shield, deepling squelcher, prefferable profit over exp? Did all tasks for my lvl (below 50) also done mino task.

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Check the market on your world for the prices on imbuement materials and go hunt the monsters that drop the most profitable ones. This is also an excellent method to work on unlocking charm points in your bestiary.

The most profitable imbuement materials at your level on my server is:

Bloody Pincers - dropped from blood crabs. You can hunt these at meriana gargoyle cave and also get bestiary from the other many creatures down there.

Rope belt - dropped from various creatures but the best to farm is in cult spawns, followed by nomads. Get access to nomad cave for some nomad/scorpion bestiary.

Sabretooth - dropped from mutated tigers. North alchemist quarter is nice but I don't remember how well you can handle bog raiders at your level, as mentioned earlier the fire portal north of thais has a good number of them but you need to complete mortal combat for access, please correct me if I'm wrong on that one.

Gloom wolf fur - dropped from gloom wolfs. There is 1-2 spawns for them depending on a random world event, one of them also have toads and witches for some extra bestiary.

Piece of dead brain - dropped from braindeath. There are not a lot of them but there is a spawn with 2 of them just south of mutated tiger hole in northern alchemist quarter, might as well kill these when farming sabretooth. These items sell for 20k+/each on my server.


Check the above site for the rest of the imbuement materials and compare on your worlds market. This is by far the best way to hunt for only profit at your level.

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you can probably go for imbuing item farming. the only thing that comes to mind is arena quarter ( mutated tigers ). Another good spot for that is in Forgotten Knowledge Fire Portal . a good amount of Muted tigers over there as well.

You could probably hunt wyrms with profit. if u kill them 1 by 1. not sure how much profit thou. so u kinda have to give it a go.
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Do Meriana Quest in Liberty Bay to get access to Nargor. Once you finish the quest, you can do pirate tasks (killing 3000 of them, you can do it more than one time, and once you finish, you can kill the boss that always drop a pricey item).

Hunting pirates do great XP at your level range, and also drop a lot of items used for addon that worth 3k+ each.

I always made cash there, something like 20~40k in 25~40minutes.

Good luck!
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On this lvl my fave is  (Darashia Dragon Lair, Yalahar Crystal Lakes) with loot prey. It balances quite exp and profit.

If you only care about profit, I recommend: for  /  for  or other weak monsters which drop creature items for imbuing.