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I'm a 170 EK with 107/100 skills and would like to task, but wondering which tasks are the best for me solo.

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Lets start with which tasks are availible for you at all, these would be hellhounds, undead dragons, medusas, hydras, serpent spawns, ghastly dragons, destroyers, behemots, sea serpents and drakens.

If you're asking which would be easiest then by far sea serpents altough you would need to complete The Hunt for the Sea Serpent quest first. After that you might try medusas + hydras + serpent spawns for task points because you can find all of those in usually one locations (deeper banuta for example) altough I'd stick to sea serpents
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Hello, for your level I highly recommend you sea serpents yes

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Good memmories of this one.. Easy and kinda fast to make. =D
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I think everyone is spot on with the sea serpents recommendation. If youre looking to change it up a bit and keep an easy hunt you could also do hydras, but keep in mind this task rewards one less point per completion for probably about the same difficulty.
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As other people say the best way at your level is Sea Serpents (Oramond is another good respaw of this), try to get level 200 before go to Banuta and use your summon.